Have you ever felt like you have nothing to wear even though you're staring at a closet full of clothes? In some cases BRAND NEW clothes with the tags still attached?! Lol! If this sounds familiar then this service is perfect for you! It may not be that you need new clothes, you just need some assistance with styling or shall I say REMIXING what you already have! I got you sisss!

The Wardrobe Remix Service Includes:

*A Wardrobe & Style Assessment You will begin by taking a survey to determine your style. Once completed a full wardrobe audit will be done to see what you're working with!

*Closet Purge We will go through each item in your wardrobe & decide whether to "Keep It & Flex or Pass It To The Next" based off of your style goals. All items in the "Next" pile will be bagged for donation. One person's trash is another's treasure! We don't throw clothes away around these parts! Lol!

*Personal Styling Session Let's get into it sisss! Multiple looks will be fully curated for you with the remaining contents of your wardrobe, catering to your desired style.

*Style Tips & Recommendations We will go over various ways to Remix your wardrobe & I will recommend additional items needed that I feel would enhance your current pieces & style.

**The average length of this service is approximately 2 1/2 hours. Actual time varies depending on closet/wardrobe size.

**Wardrobe size & travel distance (for in person service) may require rate increase.


Wardrobe Remix

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