Tyff Style Boxes

Tyff Style Boxes are a fun & easy way to instantly enhance your wardrobe & upgrade your outfits! 

A Tyff Style “Look Box” (that's pronounced LEWK! lol!) consists of fully coordinated & styled outfits by yours truly! Bomb, ready to wear “lewks” at your fingertips! These boxes are ideal for my Queens who don’t have the time or patience to shop, are looking to upgrade their wardrobe, desire help putting looks together for a special occasion or just simply wanna be styled by ya girl! Lol! Whatever the case or occasion, I got you sisss! 

A Tyff Style “Mystery Box” includes dope, randomly chosen items by me, varying from apparel to accessories. Unlike the Look Box, these items do not come already styled & are more so wardrobe enhancers. These boxes are ideal for adding more pizzazz & flavor to your current outfits/wardrobe! The best part of this box (besides it’s bomb contents) is the thrill & excitement of not knowing what you’re gonna get! 

To Place An Order:

*Select desired box. 

*Complete & email style survey (for Look Box options).

*Prepare to turn heads! 😜