About Us


Ris•qué Fashions, founded in 2014 by Tyffyne Archie, is an online clothing boutique which consists of:                                                                           

  • One Bad Apple (signature custom & handcrafted apparel line)
  • Must Love Vintage (Dope new & preloved vintage and vintage inspired fashion)
  • Must Love Vintage Girls (spunky, new and preloved fashion finds for the little & junior fashionista)
A French derived term for "To Risk", Ris•qué encourages, embraces and glorifies an unorthodox and impudent way of living & self expression through the art of fashion. 

    "I created Ris•qué Fashions out of my extreme love for Fashion as well as the frustration of not being able to find the things I desired to wear in local stores," says Tyffyne. 

    Determined to satisfy her craving for more diverse and unique garments, Tyffyne turned to Vintage Fashion and also began to take sewing lessons, thus enabling her to create signature pieces of her own.

    "Vintage fashion fulfills my desire for more timeless, one of a kind pieces, while sewing allows me to bring my own visions to life," she continues.

    Upon making and customizing clothing, Tyffyne soon realized that fashion was also the perfect platform to integrate issues that she feels strongly and is passionate about. Hand painted bold and sometimes uncensored messages on apparel help to colorfully convey her message and desire for overcoming fear, trusting your gifts, pursuing your hearts passions and female empowerment to name a few, all while making a fashion statement. "It's like the old adage 'killing two birds with one stone',"she says of merging the two. 



    Bad Apple: A "bad" person who influences/manipulates everyone he or she comes into contact with, thus making them "bad" as well.

    Mission Statement: TO INSPIRE THE BUNCH.


    Why the name 'One Bad Apple'? 

    "In the popular slogan 'One bad apple spoils the bunch', the story tells us that if you place one rotten or spoiled apple in a barrel with a bunch of fresh "good" apples, that the bad apple will eventually spread to the others, causing them to go bad as well," explains its innovative creator. That is my direct intent...to "spoil" or in my words "inspire" the bunch." Think of One Bad Apple as a bad influence...but with bad being a positive in this case.

    How would you describe One Bad Apple?

    "I like to refer to OBA as Fashion Gumbo", states Tyffyne. "When preparing a gumbo dish, you put together all of these different ingredients with various tastes & spices to bring about a specific flavoring to the dish and then all of these elements come together to form its signature taste." "Like its not limited to just one type of apparel or one specific thing (like a t-shirt line or a jean line etc.) but rather layers & layers of multiple "flavors." "Some pieces are subtle & laid back....some are over the top & extra." "Some messages are inspiring & funny...some are bold, controversial & serious." "Just depends on what mood I'm in during the creative process."

    What's the inspiration behind the creativity?

    "My inspiration comes from my favorite artists, quotes, lyrics, tv shows, movies (I literally conversate using movie & music quotes) & the whooooole 80's-90's era...(the era I was raised in & in which my love for fashion was born). "Now couple all of that with snippets of my personality, likes, thoughts, beliefs,  sense of humor & just my love for the art of Fashion period & you have OBA's signature recipe."

     Who is One Bad Apple for? 

    OBA is for rebels...period. Naw fareal let me elaborate...lol! Innovators...Optomists...Dreamers...Risk Takers....Rule Breakers...Nonconformists....Weirdos... basically anyone who unapologetically celebrates their individualism & leads a fearless life...all of which are rebels in my eyes. Those who aspire to inspire. These are the individuals that are celebrated the least, which is why I wanted to pay homage to them via OBA. 

    ONE BAD APPLE is the rebel of fashion.