Tyff Deuces (an alias for its owner Tyffyne Archie) encourages, embraces and glorifies an unorthodox and impudent way of self expression through the art of fashion. 

    "Born & raised in Gary, Indiana, Tyffyne created Tyffdeuces.com out of her extreme love & obsession for Fashion as well as the frustration of not being able to find the things she desired to wear in local stores. 

    Determined to satisfy her craving for more diverse and unique garments, Tyffyne turned to thrift stores/secondhand fashion and also began taking sewing lessons, thus enabling her to create signature pieces of her own.

    "Vintage fashion fulfills my desire for more timeless, one of a kind pieces, while sewing allows me to bring my own visions to life," she says.

    Upon making and customizing clothing, Tyffyne soon realized that fashion was also the perfect canvas to integrate issues that she is passionate about. Hand painted bold and sometimes uncensored messages on apparel help to colorfully convey her message and desire for overcoming fear, trusting your gifts, pursuing your hearts passions and female empowerment to name a few, all while making a bomb fashion statement. "It's like the old adage 'killing two birds with one stone'," she says of merging the two. 

    From red carpet worthy couture gowns, to daring distressed jeans, to classic handpicked retro pieces, to bold hand painted tees & more, Tyff Deuces is determined to leave her mark among the fashion greats!